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The Sailor Moon anime came out two decades ago.

...man, I'm feeling old now.

I keep wondering if the series is ever going to be re-released in the US (and Canada), though. I know that it's back in Italy, Germany, and Mexico. From what I've read, it sounds like it's not easy to get the rights. Apparently it took two years of negotiating with Toei before Mexico was able to get it. I've also heard (although I haven't been able to confirm it) that Naoko Takeuchi won't authorize a re-release unless the dub is well done and has little to no editing.

That's fine by me, since I can't stand the original English dub. I'd love to see the series redubbed with better actors and a faithful translation. (Also, NO FEMALE ZOISITE.) Funimation has said that they are interested in acquiring it, and they have some good actors.

(Todd Haberkorn as Umino, please?)

However, I've also heard a rumor that Naoko is not allowing any redubs. If this is true, then we're screwed, as is any other country with a lousy dub. (I don't know about the Italian dub, but I've heard good things about the German and Mexican dubs, which might be why those countries are the ones who have managed to get the rights.) Ugh.

(I admit that I've thought about getting the Mexican DVDs to help me work on my Spanish, but there's that whole DVD region thing, and I don't own a region free DVD player.)

Not only that, but Toei has been cracking down on people who upload the series (not just the anime, but the Sera Myu musicals and the live action PGSM series) to YouTube. Although it looks like you can find it elsewhere. At least for now.

I did find this, though. (Region free DVDs with English subtitles FTW!) If I know that the series is going to be re-released here, I'd prefer to wait and buy it then, but there's been no news yet, and this is really, really tempting me...

(Although when Funimation gets a big-name series, they tend to keep quiet about it for a while and make a big announcement at a con. Usually Anime Expo, San Diego Comic Con, or Otakon. So maybe I'll wait until this year's convention season is done with first.)

The same site also has Mawaru Penguindrum, which I've been itching to see ever since I heard about it. (It's by Kunihiko Ikuhara, the guy who created Utena. That's all I need to know.) It hasn't been released in North America either...

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