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Birthdate:Mar 16
Location:California, United States of America

"I have neither the desire nor the capacity to stand outside myself and observe my fate in a truly objective way. I would commit the familiar autobiographical mistake either of weaving an illusion about how it ought to have been, or of writing an apologia pro vida sua. In the end, man is an event which cannot judge itself, but, for better or worse, is left to the judgement of others."
--C. G. Jung

"I am the cat who walks by himself, and all roads are a like to me."
--Ruyard Kipling

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[adult swim], abandoned buildings, adventures, agnosticism, anima mundi, anime, annoying the religious right, anthropology, art, attics, aurora borealis, autumn, bad religion, banned books, basements, bashing draco malfoy, batshit insane fandoms, being a geek, bill hicks, black humor, bleach, bones, boondocks, c. g. jung, civil rights activism, comics, computed tomography, costumes, dark kingdom, dead can dance, defying stereotypes, deoxyribonucleic acid, drawing, drum circles, eclipses, empty space, enlightenment, exceptions to the rules, fafroskies, falling through the cracks, fanwork, feminism, flying spaghetti monster, folklore, frida kahlo, fullmetal alchemist, futurama, gandhi, gender fuck, gnostic gospels, gogol bordello, green-eyed uke, halloween, harry potter, hedwig and the angry inch, hedwig-and-the-angry-inch, hetalia, home-made paper, homoerotic subtext, howling at the moon, imagination enhancers, intelligence, irony, jacaranda trees in bloom, jan švankmajer, jazz, jesus christ vampire hunter, keeping an open mind, kind strangers, leaves of grass, leaving the windows open, legends, libraries, lilith, marijuana legalization, mark twain, monotheism disguised as polytheism, monty python, moonlight, museums, mythology, native american spirituality, neil degrasse tyson, neil gaiman, night, obscure allusions, obsessive-compulsive disorder, occult, oceans, oscar wilde, oxford commas, pacifism, pareidolia, philosophy, photography, pirates, pixar, poetic graffiti, portabella mushrooms, preacher, pro-choice, psychokinesis, psychology, pumpkin ale, purple houses, quantum physics, quarks, radiography, random acts of kindness, reading, revolutionary girl utena, road trips, sailor moon, same-sex marriage, samurai jack, san diego, san francisco, sandman, sarcasm, satire, scaring the natives, scars, seeing only beauty, shakespeare, shortbus, slayers, sleeping through thunderstorms, spiritual tattoos, supernatural phenomena, surrealism, symbolism, tacky religious paraphernalia, tea, thai food, the colbert report, the collective unconscious, the daily show, the dalai lama, the homosexual agenda, the iron dragon's daughter, the last unicorn, the venture bros, the word "eureka", theater, theology, tie-dyed socks, twilight-the-time-of-day-not-those-godawful-books, unlikely virtues, vegetarian cooking, violins, warm summer rain, watchmen, water, webcomics, well done anime dubs, wisdom, witchcraft, worn stuffed animals, yaoi, yoshitaka amano, yuri, zen, zoisite
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