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Just a couple of things that I wanted to make note of.

Harry Potter:

In case you haven't read them yet, there are a couple of good articles in which JKR explains a few things about the new book. This one mentions what Harry, Ron, Hermione, and some of the others do for a living, and this one reveals which character was originally going to die but didn't, and which two characters who were originally meant to live but were killed.

It figures, the deaths that I am most upset about were the ones that were supposed to have lived. *sniffles* Why did they both have to die?

One final thought, but there's a spoiler for the book, so it's behind the cut. )

Comic Con:

I just got back from the Convention Center where it is held and... Wow! I have a four-day pass, so I didn't do much today except wander around and absorb the atmosphere. I wish I had had enough time to make a cosplay outfit, but there's always next year.

What's really nifty is that it isn't too far from where I live, so I'm able to walk down there and not have to worry about parking. It's not a short walk, mind you, but it spares me the stress of driving around downtown San Diego and trying to find a place to park.

I can't wait for tomorrow... Neil Gaiman will be there!
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I recently came across an intriguing article on sex, fandom and comics.

For those curious, I aquired the aforementioned link at Alas, a Blog, which makes for more interesting reading.

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